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4 Ways Your Alumni Association Membership Made a Difference

1. You helped the Robotics team test its mettle!

Donations from alumni helped Franklin's Robotics Team participate in its first national competition. The Alumni Association provided essential start-up funding through a "Gifts to School" allocation.


2. You illuminated Homecoming

Temporary lighting rentals funded by the Alumni Association will allow the homecoming game to be played at night, affording a more festive experience for students and making it easier for alumni to attend!

3. You assisted students in need
Through the Alumni Association’s Student Needs Fund, we’re able to address critical needs that arise among the student body. The most recent allocation helped a Franklin senior who faced a housing gap between aging out of foster care and starting college.

4. You boiled lots and lots of crawfish
The Alumni Association Crawfish Boil, held each spring in conjunction with International Fest, has become a popular tradition for alumni, students and faculty. 

Mark your calendar: Saturday, April 22, Crawfish Boil: Noon - 5pm International Fest : 11am- 7pm. On campus! 

Just some of the ways your dues are used...

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