Board Governance

Benjamin Franklin High School is governed by Advocates for Academic Excellence in Education, Inc, a non-profit corporation. The school is a member of the Orleans Parish School Board as a Type 3 Charter.  

Board of Directors 

Sean A. Blondell, Secretary

Jill E. Condon
Alea M. Cot, President

Charmaine Cooper Hussain

Stacy Deitelzweig

Richard M. Ireland, Jr.,Treasurer

Dominique Lang
Tandra LeMay

Jonathan L. Levy '03

Allen Miller
John W. Nicklow, Ph.D.

Todd Ragusa

Allen Square, Jr.

Stephen Tyler
Dominique Lang Verner '06

Min D. Yang '81

Board Meeting Dates

January, 16, 2020, Agenda, Minutes

February 13, 2020, Agenda, Minutes

March 12, 2020, Agenda, Minutes

April 16, 2020, Agenda, Minutes

May 14, 2020, Agenda, Minutes

June 18, 2020, Agenda, Minutes

July 21 Agenda, Minutes

July 22 Agenda, Minutes
August 20, 2020, Agenda, Minutes
September 17, 2020, Agenda, Minutes
October 15, 2020, Agenda, Minutes
November 19, 2020, Agenda, Minutes
January 21, 2021, Agenda, Minutes
February 18, 2021, Agenda, Minutes
March 18, 2021, Agenda, Minutes
April 15, 2021, Agenda, Minutes
May 13, 2021, Agenda, Minutes
June 17, 2021, Agenda, Minutes

Future meetings to be determined


All meetings are scheduled for 4 p.m. in the Benjamin Franklin High School Library.


Meeting Agenda/Minutes Archive


Public Records Requests

The link below connects to the person responsible for Public Records Requests (​

Otherwise, please mail or deliver requests to Dr. Patrick Widhalm, 2001 Leon C. Simon Drive, New Orleans, LA 70122

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