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Course and Class Fees

Course & Class Fee Detail By Grade

Student Fee Policy

Class and course fees individual to your child may be accessed through PowerSchool under MBA Student Fees. You may pay them online here


Class fees are costs associated with items that are purchased for the entire student body and/or specific to a particular grade level such as:

  • School ID and lanyard*

  • Student agenda (9th graders)

  • Yearbook

  • Riverbend Review literary magazine

  • Extracurricular events (student admission to regular season home games and plays)

  • Franklin Parent Association membership (primarily funds after-school tutoring program)

  • Spirit Week activities and class T-shirt

  • Technology fee (access to computers and 200 copies on printers/copiers)

*One ID is issued per year. If lost, replacements must be purchased in the Front Office

Course fees are specific to each student's schedule and include consumable materials such as workbooks, novels, lab fees, art supplies, and costs associated with the Advanced Placement program when taking an AP class.  These supplemental materials enable us to offer the more rigorous Franklin curriculum, which is over and beyond the minimum public education the state of Louisiana requires.


We accept payments via credit card. You may elect to make a payment in full or make partial payments throughout the year. If you elect partial payments, all we ask is that the balance is paid by the end of the school year. Therefore, you determine the amount and frequency of payments that best fits your family.

BFHS will no longer accept checks, and cash will be limited to families without access to a checking/savings account or credit cards. Moving to electronic payments (1) eliminates the need to maintain, at times, substantial amounts of cash on site (until deposits are made), (2) increases security on site--reduces the need and time for security to leave campus to make bank deposits, (3) the likelihood of theft diminishes drastically, along with miscounting or misplacing cash, (4) reduces NSF fees, (5) ensures timely accounting of funds, (6) increases transparency and (7) is user friendly for parents and students--in particular many students have inquired about electronic payments for in-house school fundraisers (i.e. bake sales, etc.). If a family cannot pay fees electronically, they must set up an appointment with the CFO in order to make cash payments directly to the Finance Department. The front office staff will not accept cash (or checks).  


Fee Waiver

Families may request financial assistance based on need.

Please complete this form to request assistance.

Formulario de Ayuda Financiera de la Escuela Secundaria Benjamin Franklin

Mẫu Hỗ trợ Tài chính của Trường Trung học Phổ thông Benjamin Franklin


The school also asks that all families who request assistance complete the complete the School Lunch Application. When creating an account, the School District to enter is NOLA PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Assistance determinations are not based solely on Free/Reduced Lunch Survey qualification. We understand extenuating family circumstances may arise in which financial assistance may need to be requested even if families do not qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch.

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