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Frequently Asked Questions

As a donor, what changes for me?

For all intents and purposes, there will be no change for you.  Your donations, restricted and unrestricted, will still be made to Benjamin Franklin High School.  You may still use the website for donations, or you may mail them or drop them off at the school.  Your donations are still tax-deductible.   Any restricted gifts that you will make or have made in the past will remain restricted to that purpose.  The Friends of Franklin Foundation will be audited, and there is a link between the Friends of Franklin Foundation and the Advocates of Academic Excellence in Education, working with faculty and administration to maximize the impact of your gift.  We look forward to working with you to maximize your support of Benjamin Franklin High School.

Why does Franklin need a separate fundraising organization?

As a public charter school, we are limited in the fundraising avenues we can pursue. Having a separate fundraising organization allows us to explore innovative and exciting opportunities to raise and use money to provide the best educational experience for our exceptional students.

Why does a public school need to raise money?

As a public charter school, our work is limited only by our budget. We strive to maintain our status as the No. 1 school in Louisiana with a budget of roughly $8,800 per student, approximately 40 percent of what private/independent schools receive. Supporting Franklin is an investment in the future leaders and innovators of our community and our country.  Your donations improve the quality of education each student receives and helps prepare the next generation of Franklin alumni to change the world.

What is the money used for?

The funds are used to support our academic programs, professional development, new technology, athletics programs, theater and visual arts programs, award-winning publications, and innovative programs such as Robotics (a recent second place winner in the world competition), and a new collaboration with LSU in STEM Pathways. In addition, we have a student-needs fund to help ensure that the full Franklin experience is available to all students, regardless of their families' ability to pay -- allowing students to take AP exams, participate in sports and clubs, and travel to academic competitions, among other things.

What are your immediate plans?

What are your immediate plans?

Our ability to enroll every qualified student, without a lottery or second step, is critically important for us to be the best school for the best students in our city. Our current building was designed for approximately 850 students, yet our enrollment has now surpassed 1,000! To meet this demand in the short term, we are leasing classroom space from the University of New Orleans, but we are excited to announce our plan to build a STEAM building in the near future to accommodate the growing demand for design thinking; creative classes across disciplines; student-driven curriculum; and collaborative, hands-on learning.  

If you have any other questions or would like to know how you can help support the Friends of Franklin Foundation, please contact Christy Cowart Read '89.

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