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There is one lunch period for all students, which allows for the entire student body to meet and interact with each other.  If you’ve toured the school, you’ve seen that students eat together not just in the cafeteria but also in classrooms with their teachers, in the courtyard, and in any available hallway. In addition, some clubs meet during lunch, and band or orchestra members are often seen (and heard) using the lunch period to practice. Some teachers offer tutoring during lunch period, and many student organizations offer peer tutoring during lunch (as well as before school, during study halls, and after school).  Lunchtime is a beehive of activity for everyone on campus. 


Cafeteria - aka "The Roost"

Students may eat the school breakfast and lunch or bring their own.  Microwaves are available in the cafeteria to heat up lunches brought from home.  Breakfast costs $2.25; lunch costs $3.25, and the reduced prices are $0.30 for breakfast and $0.40 for lunch.  Snack and drink machines are available (but not during lunchtime so as to encourage eating real food). On the first day of school, homeroom teachers will provide students with an application form for free/reduced lunch.  Meals must be paid in advance. 

The Rules
  • No student is allowed to leave campus during lunchtime. Students may not go to the parking lot during lunchtime.

  • We expect that all students will cooperate in maintaining a clean building during and after the lunch hour. Discard all trash properly and return all lunch trays to the cafeteria prior to the end of the lunch hour.

  • Eat your lunch on campus in the cafeteria or in the courtyard. Students may only eat in classrooms when a club is meeting in that room and only if the teacher is present. 

  • There is to be no eating or drinking in any classroom during classes or study halls. 

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