Franklin Prep

Franklin Prep is a nine-day academic prep camp, June 2-12, 2020, from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the Franklin campus, where students get a jump start on Franklin rigor and Falcon fun. Working in groups with your peers, you will participate in interactive and discussion-based learning as well as team-building games and activities.

Registration deadline is May 27, 2020.

Join the Franklin team spirit. Make new friends and get to know peers, teachers, and staff. Learn your way around the campus, and feel more at home. Know where to go to get help, like tutoring, study groups, and mentoring. Develop teamwork skills as you work together and compete for points, honors, and prizes.

Experience Franklin academics Travel from class to class with your team, building new relationships and learning collaboratively. Get ahead on learning and homework for the first month of school, especially in physics and English. Sharpen your math and science skills and learn test prep strategies. Try out some of the many arts and other electives offered at Franklin.

Build new skills. Learn how to get and stay organized, implement effective learning techniques, work more efficiently, de-stress, minimize anxiety, and overcome temporary setbacks.


Contact Franklin Prep Director,Dr. Cathy Hightower at (504) 286-2641 or