Printing at School 

How to use Web Print (printing from your personal device)

1) Go to 

2) Log in with your school email address and password


3) Click Web Print on the left-hand side


4) Click Submit a Job and follow the wizard.


You can only print to Counseling Suite or Library. You cannot print on your own device to a classroom. To print in a classroom, use one of the desktop computers in that classroom. (UNO Classrooms for 11th Graders are an exception.)


5) Ensure document you are printing is a PDF. Other document types such as .docx will not work. 

Consult here for instructions on how to save a Google Doc/Sheets/Slides as a PDF.

Consult here for instructions on how to save within Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint as a PDF. 

Web Print is only accessible when you are connected to the school wifi (BFHS Wifi) on your personal device


You can access this link on any school desktop computer or chromebook.

Black and white pages cost $.01.

Color pages cost $.10.

The print link will not work when you are connected to a VPN or off-campus. You need to be at school, on the school wifi network to access the above link.