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Printing at School 

How to use Mobility Print

(printing from Chromebooks, Androids, iPads, iPhones, Macbooks, Windows Laptops)

1) Make sure you are connected to BFHS Wifi*.

2) Add the printers for your preferred device. Head here to add them.**  

  • If prompted with a list of printers, select all of them. 

Located in Library

Library-BW-L6200DW: Cost per page: $.01

Library-Color-HPM553: Cost per page: $.10

At the start of of each semester, students are given $2.00.  

3) Once added, click File then Print in whatever program you are using. 

  • If you are printing from Chrome, under Destination, click See More... to view all the available printers


  • On the print screen, select either of the 2 printers in the list of printers.


4) When printing, if prompted on your device, input your school email address and password.

5) Go to the location of the printer and release your print job using the Print Release Station Chromebook located next to the printers.

Please allow up to 2 minutes after clicking print for your print job to process.

You will receive an email when your print job is ready to be released. 

6) Still having issues? Visit the IT Department in Room 229.



*Printing will not work when you are connected to a VPN or off-campus. You need to be at school, on BFHS Wifi to add printers and to print.

**If you are using a school Chromebook or you are logging in with a BFHS account on your personal Chromebook, printers have already been added. 

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