Renaming Benjamin Franklin High School


The Orleans Parish School Board has developed a policy to review school buildings named after individuals. This policy has three checkpoints to determine if a school’s name should be reviewed and possibly changed: Did the person own slaves, serve as an official in the Confederacy, or support segregation? For most of his adult life, Ben Franklin enslaved two household servants, and by OPSB policy, his name on school district facilities is up for review.

Useful Resources

Important Dates
  • March 30, 3:15PM - NOLA Public Schools student feedback meeting (open only to current NOLA Public Schools students)

  • April 5, 6PM - Alumni Association meeting (open to all)

  • April 15, 4PM - AAEE board meeting (open to all)

  • April 27, 4:30PM - NOLA Public Schools open feedback meeting (open to all)

  • April 30 - Public feedback period closes

  • May 28 -  Final decision made

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