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Why Franklin?

“What did you come here seeking? And what will you seek at your future institution? The most ubiquitous answer is knowledge. And it isn’t the knowledge of calculus or physics or world history that we think of when we reflect on the last few years. It’s self knowledge. It’s knowing how to communicate, knowing how to pick ourselves up in the toughest times, knowing how to empower ourselves, and knowing that the way to respond to a disappointing truth is not to become disillusioned and cynical but to do something about it. That is the knowledge which Franklin has instilled in us, and I can’t imagine living a fulfilling life after this not having learned those things. It’s true that we could all probably survive without ever seeking the truth or knowing, but to live is not just to survive. … Studying was hard. The workload was hard. Franklin was hard. But I doubt that anyone of us would trade any of it for a less formative, easier experience now that we’re here on the other side."

–-Linda Denson '19 (current Stanford student), commencement address

We create

Franklin students are innovators who create art, robotics, biomedical engineering, literary magazines, environmental sustainability, 3-D print projects, and computer software. Abilities become boundless at Franklin as students embrace their talents and discover their passions with the help of our incredible faculty and staff. 

We strive

Attending Benjamin Franklin High School means more than merely being smart.  All students strive to become the best possible versions of themselves. It's OK to take risks here because that's how we learn. 

We care

Franklin students are committed to their school, their community and the world. Many of our clubs and organizations turn this commitment into action. Franklin students make a difference.

We succeed

Our success stems from an extraordinary and diverse learning environment. Students work, learn, and grow together. The Franklin experience encourages expression in the arts, as well as involvement in an array of extracurricular activities.

We lead

From hosting forums on climate change to leading voter registration drives, our students are involved, knowledgable members of their community. Franklin kids aren't waiting on the world to change; they're changing it themselves, knowing that our supportive faculty and staff are here to mentor them with both words of encouragement and constructive criticism.

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  • The Louisiana Department of Education has consistently recognized  Franklin as the No. 1 public school in the state

  • U.S. News & World Report named Franklin the No. 1 school in Louisiana and the No.15 charter school and
    No. 73 high school nationally 


  • ranked Franklin No. 1 in Louisiana

  • USA Today named Franklin No. 1 public school in the state

  • 99.9% of graduates attend a four-year college

  • 98% of students are eligible for TOPS

  • $35 million in merit-based college scholarships awarded in 2019

  • 200 colleges send recruiters to the campus annually

  • Average SAT composite score: 1340

  • Average ACT composite score: 28.5

  • 34 students recognized by National Merit in 2019

  • 229 2019 AP Scholar Award winners

  • 2 National Science Award winners

  • 4 2019 Presidential Scholar Finalists

  •  3 POSSE Scholars

  • 2019 graduates were named Jack Kent Cooke Scholars, Ron Brown Scholars, Coca-Cola Scholars, and Questbridge Scholars

  • 2019 Louisiana Student of the Year

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