Changing your password

To change your password for these services follow the link below:

  • Access school wifi (BFHS Wifi)

  • Access UNO wifi (UNOSECURE)

  • Login to school computers

  • Access your school Google account (Gmail, Google Classroom, Google Docs) 

  • Access webprint at

The following link is only accessible when you are connected to the school wifi (BFHS Wifi) on your personal device


You can access this link on any school desktop computer or chromebook.

The password reset link will not work when you are connected to a VPN or off-campus. You need to be at school, on the school wifi network to access the above link.

This does not change your PowerSchool password. If you need to change your password in PowerSchool, login to PowerSchool and do it from there. If you have forgotten your password for PowerSchool, see Ms. Tina Shariff in the front office. If you have forgotten your school IT Password, please visit the IT Department in room 229.