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Alumni Gatherings:

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Alumni Association

The mission of the Benjamin Franklin Senior High Alumni Association is to foster a robust, connected and involved alumni community in order to preserve and promote the scholastic excellence, traditions and identity of Benjamin Franklin Senior High School.

One of the main ways the Alumni Association enacts its mission is through membership dues. Gift to School awards, Reunion Seed money, scholarships and our annual Faculty/Alumni Holiday party are just some of the ways we strive to support our alma mater and foster connections within our alumni network. For more information on how dues work. 

Check out our school and Alumni Association publications for Class Notes, school news, interviews and other interesting features! Do you have a class notes you would like included in our next issue? Email Alumni & Student Services Coordinator, John Parauka:

Time for Your Reunion?

Congratulations! We are here to help you plan your reunion. In addition to providing you with your current class contact information, the school will pay for the printing and mailing of one invitation or postcard. Send us your event details to add to the website and newsletters. The Alumni Association provides $200 seed money to get you started. In return the Alumni Association asks for two things:

  1. That your class provide us an updated class address, phone and email list, following your reunion.

  2. That someone from your class write an article about the reunion to be published in the Alumni Newsletter. 


 Check out our Reunion Planning Worksheet Guide for more information on venue suggestions and planning recommendations.


Please direct questions and requests to our Alumni & Student Services Coordinator, 

John Parauka or 504-359-7934 for more information.

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