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NOCCA Partnership

Benjamin Franklin High School has approximately forty students who take classes at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. Most of these students attend NOCCA’s half-day program and graduate from both Benjamin Franklin High School and NOCCA.  


How does it work?

Our schedule lends itself to students spending mornings at Ben Franklin and afternoons at NOCCA. Students take four classes each semester at Ben Franklin, two classes each of the rotation days, Day A and Day B. Because there are additional classes that must be completed in order to graduate from Ben Franklin, students work with their counselor to arrange to take those additional classes at a local college or university.

How soon can students begin attending NOCCA’s half-day program?

It is recommended that students spend their first year at Ben Franklin as a full-time student attending NOCCA after school. For subsequent years, students may switch to the NOCCA half-day program.


Does attending NOCCA have a negative effect on the students’ GPAs or their college aspirations?

Absolutely not. Our most successful NOCCA students (most successful in their academics and in their arts discipline) attend some of the most highly selective colleges and universities in the country.


Do BFHS’s NOCCA students stay involved in what is going on at Ben Franklin?

Some NOCCA students come back to Ben Franklin after their NOCCA classes because they need tutoring or want to participate in some type of extracurricular activity. Others do not return to BFHS after NOCCA. It depends on the student.

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