Student Art Gallery

Emergence by Jordan Qualls (℅ 2016)
Carnival by Camille Moss (℅ 2017)
Mare Serenitatis by Madeline Landry
Self Portrait
Portrait of Iris by Jessica Tran (℅
Fauvist Portrait
Fauvist Portrait by Jessica Tran
Electric View
Blaze by Nancy Ren (℅ 2015)
The Idea of Pink
Company During Mourning 30x40
Sunny Day, Ft. Walton Beach
Bird of Paradise
Landscape by Alyn Wallace (℅ 2015)
Chromatic Study (La Danse)
Stress by Madeline Landry (℅ 2015)
Icons by Adam Ricaud
Dad by Abbi Griffith (℅ 2014)
Bather by Camille Cropley (℅ 2014)
Cythera by Camille Cropley (℅ 2014)
Red Portrait
Self Portrait Triptych
Dogs Playing Golf
Pigeon Lady of Notre Dame
Metal by Richard Rubio
High Contrast Port
Self Portrait by Kane Huynh (℅ 2016)
Gubala by Abbi Griffith (℅ 2014)
Impasto by Travis Haycraft
Victoria Before Dance
Village Hidden in the Leaves
The Woman
the heart
Alan Watts Eats a Strawberries
Feline by Olivia Toups (℅ 2015)
Olivia T
Meat Locker by Kane Huynh (℅ 2015)